Gun Violence – Why?

Very recently, the United States experienced the most devastating mass shooting in our nation’s history.  A gunman opened fire on a crowd of music festival goers, before taking his own life.  This tragic event has again called into question the rules and regulations for different guns, who can buy them, and so on.  This is …

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Cancer: Season Finale

Last night, BA took his final dose of Chemo (hopefully) ever.  He made it through nearly six months of neuropathy in his feet and hands, total body muscle spasms, and the inability to drink water (or anything, really) unless it was warm, because anything remotely cool would cause his throat to close up and feel …

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Today was BA's first day of radiation and the beginning of another round of oral chemo.  Luckily there is about a week before all of those side effects kick in.  Thank you all again for the visits and calls, the do not go unnoticed!